Getting Started

Localize your products quickly and effectively with Qordoba.

Setting up a continuous localization process using Qordoba has two big benefits for engineering and product teams:

Automate everything

Instant content extraction, code repository sync, and production-ready software. With Qordoba, you gain instant access to smart workflows and infrastructure that is purpose-built for agile, scalable, localization.

Create once, use everywhere

Share localized content across your mobile, web, and desktop apps as well as documentation and marketing materials. Get your app global-ready across all platforms at once.

Because no two products are alike, and no two engineering teams are alike, Qordoba's platform is designed to be flexible. There are a number of ways to both send source content to Qordoba and receive localized content from Qordoba. The question to ask at the outset is: when do you want to integrate resource files into your application? How you choose to integrate is up to you, and our integration engineering team can help you think about the advantages of various approaches.

When do you want localization to happen?

A) Before development

B) During development

C) After development

There’s no universal “right” answer. Sophisticated engineering teams of all stripes use one or all of these methods. The right answer depends on your team size, structure, technology choices, deployment schedules, the number of languages, the product lifecycle, the amount of content at each release, and the size of the content team.

The answer helps determine which of Qordoba's integration methods -- API, SDKs, JavaScript snippet, or proxy -- is right for you.

Before Development:
Key generated in Qordoba --> Source written in Qordoba --> Resource files pulled from Qordoba

Best for applications that are already internationalized.

During Development:
Keys and source pulled from existing resource files --> Localization in Qordoba --> Resource files pulled from Qordoba

Best for applications that are already internationalized and for all mobile apps.

After Development:
Source content pulled from app by Qordoba --> Localization in Qordoba --> Language files injected in app/page

Best for applications that are not internationalized or for teams that need to move fast.


Qordoba’s Workflow Automations make switching from one approach to another straightforward, for when you change your mind or your needs become more complex.

What do I need to integrate with Qordoba?

To access Qordoba's API, libraries, and SDKs, you need a Qordoba developer account. Ask the administrator of your Qordoba instance to invite you to the account and check 'Developer' in your profile:

The permissions associated with your role in Qordoba also apply to the API key. In other words, if your role in Qordoba lets you add or update files, then the key also has these permissions.

What's Next

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