Hosted Proxy

Qordoba’s web crawling technology automatically detects content on your website. By automatically ingesting text, images, CSS and SEO from your web-based content and managing the localization process from start to finish, Qordoba removes the bulk of the cost of localization and frees up valuable engineering and management resources. We parse every string and image, including static and dynamic HTML, AJAX, JavaScript and SEO content. Your team has in-context visual editor tools and automation capabilities to radically improve the localization process.

Qordoba delivers the localized versions of your website or webapp to your local users via a fast and reliable CDN. A one-time CNAME configuration directs global users to their local version of your content. Qordoba's proxy continues to monitor for new content on your source website and directs that content to the relevant team members via Qordoba's platform, for streamlined publishing of new content without the need for engineering support.

Qordoba’s secure infrastructure is PCI DSS Level 1, SOC-2 and HIPAA validated. The infrastructure supporting your proxied sites is highly scalable and redundant, with 99.99% uptime. Qordoba encrypts and signs all data originating from Qordoba and verifies it on the client. Full HTTPS exchange is also supported.

Qordoba's proxy can be configured to ingest content from a staging environment and publish to the staging environment or a production environment. In addition, localized resource files for all strings extracted via Qordoba are downloadable in JSON format.